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Merry Craftmas Event - Surpassed our Expections

Sooooo much to say about our MERRY CRAFTMAS event lastnight....but we'll keep it short...ish

Another 1st of its kind here at the cottage, and we're not gona tell fibs but our wee nervous nancy hats were on for this event, as always with an idea you set up in your head your never going to know how everything will run until you have to deal with whats in front of you (metaphor for life really ) Our vision for this event surpassed our expections! Amalgamating a relaxed, educational, fun and nurturing experience was our aim and I think from the feedback we have recieved we might just have just filled that cup

Shout outs have to go to @keithangely and @donnish27 @imadethis.27 our amazing artist for going along with our crazy ideas you guys created such a beautiful experience for everyone, Another massive shout out to my brother @crashtonmusic for hosting a fantastic set, who knew there would be some OG fluorescent hearts fans in the hoose (including me Pam and oor maw ) Our friends @elfytrees massive thanks to @dora_the_wee_explorer_ for hooking us up with the Xmas wreaths and we cannot forget @la_pastina_deli who delivered an excellent array of foods, unfortunately we never got any pics as that scran was gone in a flash

Keep posted for 2023 events, this is only the beginning of the Art therapy journey

Thank you all soooo much for the never ending support, our fuzzy feels will be lasting for days

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