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About Us

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Our Purpose, Mission, Vision
Melody & Pam

What we do 


The wellness cottage is a family run business, dedicated to providing a person centered wellbeing experience. 
We have worked closely within our community hosting and array of events aswell as working on an individual basis. 

Where our passion comes from


Our passion for creating change within this industry is driven by our own personal experiences surrounding mental health.
We believe that the changes needed to improve over all health and wellbeing comes down to fundamental changes in behaviour on an individual, group, career and societal basis. 

Who are we 


We are Pamela Wharton and Melody Mccormick, Pam and Mel. We are cousins, who have a shared passion for self improvement, personal development and all things love and light.
Our paths merged in 2019 when we decided to open the wellness cottage, combining our years of experience working closely with the public

Yoga│Mindfulness│Meditation│Sound Healing│KCR - Massage│Cold Water Therapy

Image by Kevin Butz
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